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Allie was born on June 29, 1996. She's always been tall and thin. She is also as introspective as her father.

At three and a half, Allie still spoke primarily in simple two-word sentences. Our guess is that since she was perfectly capable of getting the message across with gestures and simple verb/noun combinations, what was the use of learning all that cumbersome language? There are so many more interesting things to do with your time.

She loves puzzles, stacking and sorting, as well as the "puzzle" of attaching words to pictures. We have no doubt that Allie is bright in her own way, and will not fail to be a complete and total exasperation to us as she gets older.

Although Allie's hammin' it up for the camera, Katie's a bit hestiant. She's probably just not too sure yet about that fuzzy person in her lap.A very blue picture of Allie and Katie. (8/15/00)
Barefoot & casual. (8/15/00)Yet more proof that Allie takes great studio shots.

Check out those feet. Just additional evidence that all impact from my genes is firmly between the ears. Those things look nothing like the bricks my toes are attached to.

For the July 4th weekend in '00, we went to Spokane to visit my folks. On a trip to the Japanese Gardens in Manito Park, a combination of Allie's love for small bodies of water and my Dad's lightning-fast reflexes resulted in this picture.Allie expressing her love of small bodies of water. (7/2/00)
Allie's on the wagon again.Allie loves wagons. It really started back when her uncle bought her one for Christmas, and it hasn't ended yet.
Allie loves the camera, and knows just when to say "Cheese!" (Right about the time you're changing the film.) So, if you can keep her still, and get in with the camera quick enough, you can get some great studio shots of her.Allie posed in front of a cloudy background.
Allie, hands stuffed in her pooh overall pockets.This was actually taken a while back, but it's damn cute, isn't it?

More pictures of Allie, with her little sister, are on Katie's page.