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Dave Miller - Nice Guy
A kinda goofy picture of me taken with my webcam
(This is an ancient picture. My glasses are no longer stuck in the 80s. And I have a beard. And I'm older. And fatter.)


You, the (un)fortunate web surfer, have stumbled across my web site.

You have my sympathy.

My site is poorly organized, rarely updated, and created with the graphic design skill of a three-year-old. Despite this, it has a few things that I hope some people will find interesting. (The spanking page certainly gets more hits than the rest of the site put together.)

It has, to my utter dismay, a blog-like thing. This means I will feel compelled to provide frequent content, and will be distressed at my inability to do so.  Also, I twitter.  Or tweet, or whatever.

I am Dave. Male, generally hetero, married, with two children. I am fat. I am also relatively tall, and am sturdily built, so fat doesn't look quite so bad on me. Doesn't mean I don't still detest it. Eventually it'll piss me off enough I'll do something about it. Or it'll kill me. But I'm trying to avoid that.