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Katie entered our lives on January 16, 2000, at the culmination of a "precipitous labor and delivery." To be precise, she was born about 40 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.

She started out a bit smaller than her big sister, and has stuck with the theme of being different. Although following the trend and building height more than weight, she is obviously very much the extrovert. If you're someone new, it means you're someone else to smile at. Katie loves crowds, noise and excitement, much to the exhaustion of her parents.

We three introverts are definitely going to have an interesting time relating to the youngest member of the family.

"Oooooo! Props!"Katie, potted. (8/15/00)
Katie getting a hug from her big sister.Allie really gets into hugging her little sister. If Katie seems pensive here, it's only because the one person who's the most interesting is beind her, where she can't be smiled at.
"OK, I know there's someone around here to smile at, I just have to figure out this crawling stuff..."Katie on the floor, not quite crawling, yet.
Katie sitting in a chair, smirking."Hey! Look at me! I'm sitting here smiling at you!"
At the time I'm writing this, this is the picture I've got sitting on my desk. It's a really great shot of Katie and her big sister, even if Katie is starting to get that "Hey! Where are some more strangers for me to smile at?" look.Katie with her big sister.
Katie, smiling at another stranger.Here, Katie demonstrates that every stranger, even one with a big camera, is worth smiling at.